Dior Samourai 1947 Japanese Knot Bag

For Dior's 60th anniversary, Galliano created this stunning bag. Hand stitched, serpent ringed, and detailed with a Louis XVI mini frame, the 1947 Japanese Knot bag pays homage to Dior with these intricate details as well as commemorating the anniversary of the fashion house's birth. Although available in black as well, this grey croc version better highlights the fine detailing in the Japanese knot, inspired by traditional Japanese basket weaving. The perfect proportions between body and handle as well as the balance between the square frame and rounded bows likens Galliano's creation to a sculptured piece of art. Quite the anniversary gift!


  1. トリーバーチ 財布の外側を見ましたか、大きなロゴマークに注目、存在感抜群で、シンプルなデザインですが、しっかり高級感がある。でも外側だけじゃない、内側も小さなロゴプレートが付いて、ブランド品ならではの魅力を周りに見せましょう、ひとつあれば大満足できる。toryburchのデザインが様々、もちろん見てるだけで心が踊るような遊び心満載なキュートなデザインも存在している。

  2. is it available from you. i want to buy. what price?